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2021/10/09 19:00


com new member audition "

Qualification requirements:

Women between the ages of 16 and 26.

No experience required

Those who do not have an exclusive contract with other productions or music publishers.

Recruitment summary:

・ Primary recruitment: October 11th to 31st, 2021

・ Secondary recruitment: November 8th to 30th, 2021

* Please note that if the decision is made in the first recruitment, the second recruitment will not be conducted.


Primary selection

Document mail examination (notification only for successful applicants)

Secondary selection

Interview / performance examination

After passing:

We will prepare for debut such as costume production, lessons, recording, artist photography.

The debut is scheduled for February 2022.

We cannot respond to inquiries regarding acceptance or rejection.

With BIG ISLAND RECORDS as the sound producer, we will hold an audition for recruiting new members of com, which debuted as a new system in July 2021.


It is an idol group of music groups who are particular about music with the support of top creators such as music provided by band related creators, recording studios, costume production, etc.


Keter Co., Ltd. plans and operates.


Even those who have no experience in singing or dancing will be supported, so you can apply.

We also support not only idol activities but also activities that you are interested in.


We are waiting for applications from motivated people who are serious about music and can aim for the top together.



July 13, 2021

Risa Hirose, Nene Fujitani, Kotomi Hazuki

A 3-member idol group com consisting of.

Started with the concept of "dancing me" in a selfish way.

Up-and-coming writers are listed in the composition.

The music is provided by ircle guitarist Ryo Nakamichi and dramatic Alaska guitarist Sawayanagi Masataka.

The second digital single "letter" will be released on 9/11, starting with the first digital single "Koiro"! And on October 2nd, the third single "Kimi no Uta" was released.

It is a work that shows the high artistry of the artists who show various styles by teaming up with writers who are active in each field.

[About Keter Co., Ltd.]
Manages a large number of influencers such as Noah Sato, Tsubasa Kizu, Daijiro Kitade, actors, and talents who are active mainly in SNS such as Tik Toker and YouTube. Furthermore, it is a content company that has not only management but also video production, music production, and advertising agency functions.


[Noah Sato]
An influencer model singer with over 2 million SNS followers who has been attracting attention for appearing on ABEMA TV "Who is a Wolf"

[Tsubasa Kizu]
Stage "Touken Ranbu" "Ensemble Stars! A young actor who has appeared in "Extra Stage" and regularly appeared in the TV program "Sengoku Fried Rice TV".

[And more]
Yuta Osumi, Riki Tanaka, Kazuma Yasui, ABEMA TV, who are active mainly on the stage, "I love you today. Many talents such as Daijiro Kitade, Takapiro, and today who are also active on TikTok are playing an active part.

Please see the website for the works provided by the creators.

Audition schedule

■ Primary selection (documents)

* Only those who have passed the first screening will be contacted within one week of application.

■ Secondary selection (interview / performance examination / online possibility)

■ Final selection

Schedule after passing

Immediately after passing the exam, we will meet and prepare for debut such as costume production, lessons, vocal pedagogy, recording, and artist photography.

The debut is scheduled for February 2022.

Audition participation fee


Costs after passing


Rewards and salaries, prizes and prizes, allowances, etc.

The reward will be a commission system.

The office will cover all lesson fees and transportation expenses after you belong.

Qualification requirements

・ Those who like music and songs and can seriously work on lessons and stages

・ Those who do not have an exclusive contract with other productions or music publishers

・ Those who are considerate and can work hard together

・ Person who is physically and mentally healthy and can keep promises, time and rules

・ Women aged 16-26

・ Activities and lessons can be started in Tokyo after passing the exam

・ Inexperienced / experienced people are welcome. * Minors need the consent of their parents.

・ You cannot use the application photo taken with a processing application, etc.

・ Please refrain from applying if you cannot contact us.