May 8th and 9th, 2021 First 1on1 online talk with com members! !!

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2021/04/29 18:00


Talkport privilege party

I used an app called Talkport
We will start a special event where you can talk on a videophone one-on-one!
I hope you enjoy the dialogue while you can't meet each other.

Event date

Saturday, May 8, 2021 12: 00-
May 9, 2021 (Sun) 12: 00-

(Sales start April 30th (Friday) 20: 00-)

Click here for reception

* Price *
・ 2 minutes frame 20pt

Then, I will tell you how to newly register Talkport and how to enjoy it.

Please download the Talkport app before registering.
After registering new on the web, purchasing points, and reserving talk slots, talk using the app. It will be the flow.
You can't talk without the app, so please check with your device.
After new registration, please log in with the app as well.

【Prohibited matter】
・ Recording / recording / screenshot prohibited
・ Disliked acts and talk content
・ Talk in a drunken state

・ For safety and security, the operation manager is constantly monitoring.
・ When using screenshots, the call may be interrupted depending on the radio wave condition and the processing capacity of the model.
・ Cancellation is not possible after booking.
・ We cannot respond to errors caused by the customer's telephone status.
・ Be sure to use in a stable communication environment.
With Free Wi-Fi , the communication speed is slow and a communication error may occur.

【sign up】

Please visit this website
Please make a new registration.

Please set your address, password, phone number and name and proceed to the "Register" button.
* Your name will be displayed on the member side when you call. You can register with your nickname instead of your real name. You can also change it from the "Account" page after registration.

When you press "Register", page ① will be displayed, but if you press the three lines on the upper right and this page is displayed, registration is complete.
When you access "Account", the address registration screen will appear, but you can enjoy it without registering!

You will need points to purchase a talk slot.
Please proceed to the "Purchase points" page and purchase points.
Select purchase points
→ Enter credit card information
If you'd like to confirm, please press "Agree and Book".
The purchase of points is completed here.
Points can only be purchased with a credit card. (JCB cards cannot be used at this time.)

If you do not have a credit card
It can also be purchased with a Visa prepaid card bundle card.
You can easily make it in 3 minutes without examination.
Click here for information on creating a bundle card.

Select a talk frame and "Proceed to reservation"

→ Confirm and "Agree and purchase"

→ This completes the purchase of the talk frame!