[Com appearance information] TOKYO GIRLS GIRLS -Extra edition !!-

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2021/04/20 20:00

5/2 (Sun)
TOKYO GIRLS GIRLS -Extra edition !!-

Venue: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
Doors open: 8:40
Start: 9:00
* Subject to change

Price: Advance 5000 yen Advance sale 2500 yen Same day 4000 yen
(1 drink required at the time of admission)
* 4/21 (Wednesday) 20: 00 ~ Sales start

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■ Organizer: GIRLS GIRLS Secretariat
■ Planning: R & D Co., Ltd.
■ Production: R & D Co., Ltd.

[Notes and request for cooperation]
* Customers who enter the venue are kindly requested to wear a mask. We will refuse admission for customers who are not wearing masks. Thank you for your understanding.
* Body temperature will be measured at the time of admission. In the unlikely event that the temperature is measured above 37.5 ° C, admission may be refused. In that case, the ticket fee cannot be refunded, so we appreciate your understanding.
※ calls and voice out in the performances you or thank you as you will withhold. Please enjoy as much as you wear a mask.
* If you do not hear the staff's cautions and warnings, we may ask you to leave. In that case, the ticket fee cannot be refunded, so we appreciate your understanding.
※ performer and performed & Benefits Board time is more to reasons such as physical condition of the poor and schedule convenience of members, please note that there is a possibility to change. Please note that we will not accept any refunds in that case.
* Please note that the start time and end time of events may change.
* Seating with seats, luggage, personal belongings, etc. is totally prohibited. Please bring your luggage with you when you move.
In addition, the organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for any theft or damage to the removed or abandoned items.
* On the day of the event, we will call you in the order of the ticket numbers you purchased.
* Customers are responsible for managing their luggage and valuables. Please note that we are not responsible for any theft.
* Please note that we are not responsible for any troubles in the venue, injuries or damages between customers.

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* 4/21 (Wednesday) 20: 00 ~ Sales start